Diamond Diaries

Cardinal baseball, from the girls

Photo Thursday

Photos? We’ve got your photos!

The Cardinals kick off a four game set against those pesky Milwaukee Brewers at 7:15 PM tonight. This is the Cardinals’ third such series this year, with the boys going 1-3 in Philadelphia and sweeping the Braves at home. Go Cards!

In a game where a starting pitcher is pinch running,
you know something strange was happening!
Scott Rovak – US Presswire
…and happen it did! A pitcher pinch hitting and scoring
the winning run? Only the Cardinals!
Scott Rovak – US Presswire
2 home runs in one game? Just Albert being Albert
Scott Rovak – US Presswire
Is CC whistling? Can we get a video camera on this?!
Chris Lee – Post Dispatch
Get well soon David!
Love, the ladies of CDD
Chris Lee – Post Dispatch
‘Okay, well… uh… candlesticks always make a nice gift.’ (Bull Durham)
Chris Lee – Post Dispatch
If having Albert staring you down while you are warming up
doesn’t scare you into pitching well, nothing will!
Photo by Chris
Hawk pitching with determination on Saturday.
Charlie Riedel – AP Photo
Turning the double play and making it look easy
Charlie Riedel – AP Photo
Charlie Riedel – AP Photo

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