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First-Place Deadline Madness

So, the good news is the Cardinals are back in first place by half a game after that 1-0 win over the Padres early this morning. (Yay Brendan! But too bad you couldn’t have done that in time to get Carp a much-deserved victory!)

Yet all that seems to be very long ago right now, as all the talk on MLB Network and Twitter is that the Cardinals are on the verge of acquiring Jake Westbrook from the Indians (who was scheduled to start this afternoon) and that it’s actually a three-way deal that also involves RYAN LUDWICK going to the Padres. What??? How can we trade Luddy???

Stay tuned …

One response to “First-Place Deadline Madness

  1. Michael July 31, 2010 at 12:14 PM

    >Because a right field platoon of Allen Craig and Jon Jay is younger, cheaper, and might actually be better in the last two months of the season.Westbrook is okay, I think the Cardinals may have overpaid. But if Lohse can't pitch effectively in the last two months — his second rehab start in Memphis is tonight — then they had to have another solution ready.

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