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>It’s All Over But Bud Selig Singing


Crappy Reds! (AP photo by Al Behrman)

It’s over. Not quite turn out the lights time. But close. The Cards chances of playing in the post season are officially over. The Reds officially clenched the National League Central Division title. We’ve know for a long time this day was coming. And the Reds did it in style. ‘Reds Clinch Central Title with Walk-off Win’ read the headlines. I watched it on Sports Center late Tues. night. I felt strangely blahhhh…nothing. Not extremely sad, not angry, not glad the long nightmare was almost over. Just blahhhh…..nothing. That’s the new word of the day…kids. Blahhhh…nothing. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t felt every emotion know to womankind this season.

I can’t believe it has come to this. I feel nothing now that my Cards are officially out of it. I guess I already went through most of the stages of “loss”. Not that I’m in any way comparing the bizarre season of our favorite sports team to the loss of a loved one whether through death or a emotional breakup. 

But still we all kinda go through these stages as we sense that things aren’t going so well for our team. These stages were developed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. I first learned about them in college. I had to look them back up to make sure I had them in the correct order. Personally, I’ve gone through many of these stages multiple times this season. I’ve been stuck on quite a few of them.

This might have helped.

  1. Denial – I know things look bleak.  We just can’t seem to put a winning series together against sub .500 teams. And we can’t seem to hit, pitch and play defense all at the same time. Just little things like that.  But we’ll still get it together. Victory will be ours. NL Central belongs to the Cards!
  2. Anger – What IS wrong with these guys? Why can’t you hit the damn ball? Is is too much to ask to score some runs? It’s the Pirates for God’s sake. Resentment and jealousy and a whole lot of anger are starting to build against the Reds. And the Cards.
  3. Bargaining – Oh…Gods of Baseball…Just let Albert and Holliday hit in the same game and mums the word on complaining about TLR’s lineup. Just let us actually run the bases better than Bantam League Little Leaguers and I won’t complain about Miles ever again.
  4. Depression – Oh…I guess I’ll watch the game. Who cares. I’m watching Monday Night football. Oh..yeah…the Hoff’s on Dancing With the Stars. And Bristol Palin. Just so ya know, I think I’m stuck in this stage. Not sure how close I am to moving to the next stage. Blahhh.
  5. from-Diary of a Smart Chick
  6. Acceptance – Okay. This season is over. I’m gonna watch the post season and find a team to root for. ABBY-AnyBody But the Yankees. I trust our front office to go out there and re-sign TLR and Pujols. I know they’ll find us some power up the middle. I’ll forget about K. Green and Brad Penny and trading Luddy. We’ll be right back to winning the Central next year.  Now where did I put the rest of that leftover champagne?  ( my apologies to Erika who had a similar post yesterday up at BD. I just had a chance to read it, Erika! Very well put. I guess our minds are on the same wavelength.) ( no copying off others was intended)

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