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Want To Be An On-Site Reporter?

Okay, here’s the deal – there are five of us running around here on Diamond Diaries. Five fanatic female Cardinal fans. We love our baseball and we love our boys. When the Cardinals come to us and say, “Hey, we’re having a social media night and you all have two free tickets,” we do a little happy dance.

Then we looked at the date. Tuesday, May 17. For the most part we’re all an out of town group, and it’s tough to sneak in to St. Louis on a weeknight (at least during the school year). None of us can use the tickets. Cue the sad trombone.

The good news? Our loss is your gain!

That’s right, we’re giving you a chance to be our representatives for social media night in St. Louis! You will receive…

  • Field Box ticket to the game
  • “Tweet Me In St. Louis” T-Shirt (at left)
  • Access to a Pre-Game Social Hour
  • Bill Ivie will be wandering around with free stuff, but you have to tell him I sent you.
  • You get to touch Matt Sebek’s hair. No really – he said so.

All we ask of you is this…

  • Take a couple pictures! We’re jealous that you can be there, and want to see what we’re missing out on.
  • Be willing to write up a few paragraphs on what you experienced. Did you seriously touch Matt Sebek’s hair (and did you take a picture – this really intrigues me)? Did John Mozeliak come out to give a little talk? Say so! Did you get to shake hands with Matthew Leach or Derrick Goold? Tells us about what you talked about with them! Did a foul ball land three rows in front of you? So close! All we ask is that you email us some thoughts and pictures that we can use here on the site.

How do you get these tickets? I thought you’d never ask…

Give me a story. Some story about someone that had an influence on you as a baseball fan. Maybe you got an autograph from a player after a game. Maybe your dad bought you a foam finger and taught you about how to bunt over a pretzel and nachos. Maybe the bullpen guys tossed you a ball during warmups. Maybe you just met a fellow Cardinals fan on vacation somewhere and stopped to chat for a minute about the team. These things interest me.

Leave your story in the comments section and check back Monday morning to find out if you won! Good luck!

As a more current thoughts of the team type thing to leave you with, I have two little gems. The first is from Emily, who dropped this on Twitter last night –

Also, if you missed it last night, Erika, Emily and I were on the UCB Radio Hour with Bill Ivie last night to talk a little baseball with him. Topics included the ever popular #chickcomments, a possible resurgence of the MV3 from 6-7 years ago, and me telling a story about a mean trick I pulled on Erika last summer. Check it out!

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6 responses to “Want To Be An On-Site Reporter?

  1. Cadence April 28, 2011 at 11:57 AM

    If you need a little help…here is my recap of last year’s social media night:

    It’s easy. It’s fun. And it’s a free ticket to the game!! 🙂

  2. amandamarkel April 28, 2011 at 1:00 PM

    I became a baseball fan because my mom always listened to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball games on the radio. That may sound pretty ordinary, but she sparked my love of the game for a few reasons. First, we lived in Chicago. My parents, however, grew up in the Milwaukee area, and my mom to this day remains a devoted Brewers fan, and I really learned what supporting your team meant from her.

    Second, because we were in Chicago, she had to listen through the static on the radio after the Milwaukee stations reduced their power at sundown. I learned a lot about dedication watching her listen through all that noise, just to hear the game.

    Third, I learned to love listening to a baseball game being called (by the great Bob Uecker) because of how much my mother loves listening to him. She’s been blind her whole life, and the TV announcers never do as good of a job calling the game. But Bob Uecker said that he tries to call every game assuming his listeners are blind, and that’s what makes him such a great broadcaster, and what made her so determined to listen to him, even through the static.

    Whenever I hear a game being called on the radio, I’m transported back to my childhood, sitting with my mom, and listening to spring training games, even though it was possibly still snowing outside. I’ve disappointed her by becoming a Cardinals fan as an adult after moving to St. Louis 😉 but I still credit her with my love of the game!

  3. Noah April 28, 2011 at 2:44 PM

    Thank You. You just gave me an idea for my next column…I will share a story 🙂

  4. Diane 1611 April 28, 2011 at 5:57 PM

    Here’s my story! My mom & dad were Cardinals fans, but I didn’t become a Cardinals fan until September 11, 1974. That was the night that the Cardinals played the Mets for 25 innings. My mom and I stayed up and listened to all 25 innings. The game didn’t get over until 2:00 in the morning – I must not have had school the next day, or Mom wouldn’t have let me stay up that late. LOL! You can see the box score for that game here. That game had more drama than a soap opera! After that, I started listening to Jack and Mike on the radio with my mom and dad. There weren’t too many games on TV back then, except the ones on KSD with Jay Randolph. I’ve been a Cardinals fan ever since.

    My first husband was not a baseball fan. During the 1982 World Series, he teased me unmercifully during the games the Cardinals lost very badly. I got mad & went to watch the game in the bedroom. During the last game, when the Cards were getting ready to win the Series, my ex got a wild hair up his butt that he had to go to his mother’s house. We got to his mother’s house in time to see the celebration on the field. There were other obvious problems with the marriage besides this. My present husband, however, is a big Cardinals fan. He said he married me because I’m the only woman that knows as much about baseball as he does. 🙂 His family talks about sports as well, even his mother & his sisters, so I fit in well with them.

    This love of the Cardinals has not passed to the next generation in my family, unfortunately; my daughter went over to the dark side and became a Cubs fan, and my son roots for whoever is playing the Cardinals (although my husband says he does this to irritate me).

  5. Kristi Weirather May 1, 2011 at 1:43 PM

    Growing up in Iowa everyone was a Cubs fan but luckily for me I became a Cardianls fan. My dad is the one that had the biggest impact on me becoming a Cardinals fan, Me and my sister hated watching baseball games but my dad always had the game on. So we would wait for him to fall asleep and turn the channel.

    We would always come down to St. Louis for family vacations and would go to the Cardinals games. Back then when I hated baseball I would never want to go to the games, but my dad would drag me along anyeay. So I would sit through the game waiting for it to be over.

    So how exactly did I end up loving baseball as much as I do now? Well I’m not exactly sure how it happened but I started paying more attetion to the games and got more interested in it. After a couple of years I was the one begging my dad if we could go down to St. Louis to go to a game. I have become such a huge fan the just recently my sister and I moved to St. Louis just to be closer to the Cardinals. We watch every game that we can and when AT&T U-Verse blocks out the games we head down to Buffalo Wild Wings just to watch.

    Just think if my dad wasn’t a huge Cardinals fan I would not be living in St. Louis now and not be so obsessed with the Cardinals. But I love the ways things have turned out and I couldn’t imagine my life without Cardinal baseball.

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