Diamond Diaries

Cardinal baseball, from the girls

Drumroll Please…

Apologies for the lateness of this post – it was completely unintentional. Sometimes real life is not what we expect…

*Dramatic drums pounding away*

After scrutinizing, enjoying, and smiling away at all of your wonderful stories, our winner is Diane 1611! We appreciate your dedication to your very first game, and your obvious ability to hold your own against the boys in baseball knowledge – sounds familiar! 😉

Here is Diane’s story. Thanks to all for participating, and hope you enjoy the game (we can’t wait to see what you have to say about the experience)!

My mom & dad were Cardinals fans, but I didn’t become a Cardinals fan until September 11, 1974. That was the night that the Cardinals played the Mets for 25 innings. My mom and I stayed up and listened to all 25 innings. The game didn’t get over until 2:00 in the morning – I must not have had school the next day, or Mom wouldn’t have let me stay up that late. LOL! You can see the box score for that game here. That game had more drama than a soap opera! After that, I started listening to Jack and Mike on the radio with my mom and dad. There weren’t too many games on TV back then, except the ones on KSD with Jay Randolph. I’ve been a Cardinals fan ever since.

My first husband was not a baseball fan. During the 1982 World Series, he teased me unmercifully during the games the Cardinals lost very badly. I got mad & went to watch the game in the bedroom. During the last game, when the Cards were getting ready to win the Series, my ex got a wild hair up his butt that he had to go to his mother’s house. We got to his mother’s house in time to see the celebration on the field. There were other obvious problems with the marriage besides this. My present husband, however, is a big Cardinals fan. He said he married me because I’m the only woman that knows as much about baseball as he does. :) His family talks about sports as well, even his mother & his sisters, so I fit in well with them.

This love of the Cardinals has not passed to the next generation in my family, unfortunately; my daughter went over to the dark side and became a Cubs fan, and my son roots for whoever is playing the Cardinals (although my husband says he does this to irritate me).

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