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A Community Like No Other

I haven’t met most of you faithful readers out there in the Cardinal blog-o-sphere, but chances are if you’ve been around here for awhile, you know the names. If you’re on Twitter, you can even picture a good chunk of the faces. So, like me, some of you sat around wringing your hands over the past week or so every time the next big storm came up, because you could recall all the people you now ‘know’ that are in those areas. Your hearts, thoughts, and prayers went out to all the people there as the reports started rolling in. People started talking about the families of Cardinal players with ties to OK (scroll to the last paragraph).

You realize in that moment just how far and wide Cardinal Nation really does reach. People that have never met face to face, concerned about each other,  sending well wishes from states and time zones away. Coast to coast, generation to generation. I am so thankful that all the people I know are okay!

I received an email from Eliza this morning, who runs the fabulous site “A Blog Of Their Own.” She asked me something I was actually in the middle of doing – talk about Dolores. If you haven’t already, head over and read all about her. To put it shortly, this woman might be my new hero. A 94 year old woman who knows more about baseball than an encyclopedia (or, perhaps, wikipedia), and is a Cardinals fan to boot? She might actually be everything I could hope to be. I can’t wait to learn more about her!

Alright, let’s talk baseball. I wish I knew what was up with Matt Holliday. The team obviously isn’t willing to put him on the DL, as evidenced by his pinch hitting in last night’s game. He gets walked intentionally, then immediately removed for a pinch runner. So… he can’t play the field, he can’t run the bases, all he can do is swing the bat? Okay then… hope whatever it is that’s tweaking on him in his quads gets better quickly, because outside of last night’s small ball display (which I LOVED) there hasn’t been a lot of run scoring going on without him. However, as Chris Reed pointed out today on i70, this team seems to survive all the random bumps they’ve been going over.

Tonight’s game starts in just a couple short hours, on FOX even. Unfortunately, I’m out of here, so pull in a win and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

Go Cards! 🙂

One response to “A Community Like No Other

  1. fearlessleader May 28, 2011 at 5:01 PM

    Hi, Angela, and thanks so much for the link! Dolores is my new hero, too, and the good news is that she’s eagerly agreed to let us feature her on the blog over and over. Yay!

    As for Holliday—we watched him take BP in San Diego the other day, and he was absolutely MURDERING balls deep into the stands; clearly his swing is intact, and I confess we were hoping for a little 9th-inning Kirk Gibson action, for our own selfish purposes. No such luck, but it made us optimistic, perhaps foolishly, that he’s not too far away from being able to return. Happily, Jon Jay and Allen Craig (and, as of yesterday, Colby) have provided some hits and some power from the outfield in his absence.

    Thanks again, and here’s to another gem from Garcia today….. E. 🙂

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