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Cardinal baseball, from the girls

Summer Baseball Book/Movie Winner

Last week (before tornadoes and Colby Rasmus’ bad haircut), we had an easy chance for our readers to win a fun baseball book/movie combo.

Today we found our winner!  Congratulations to Nicole (@nlw1013 on Twitter)!

When asked to pick a number from 1-100, my son thought for a moment and then asked “what is David Freese’ number?”  No prodding whatsoever.  That’s just the way I train ’em here!  😉

So, with the magic number being #23, Nicole was the closest with #13 and wins Heading For Home.  As Nicole already owns the movie (Kent is, I’m sure, happy to hear it…), she was kind enough to let our runner-up win the movie.  So, our 2nd lucky winner today is Michael Young!  Check your email, Michael, you have won The Final Season  DVD.

Thanks again to Kent Stock for offering the copy of the book and the DVD.  Be sure to check out his website at KentStock.com for more information.

We hope you all have had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend with your loved ones.   Thanks to everyone who entered!

Go Cards!!  😉

One response to “Summer Baseball Book/Movie Winner

  1. Nicole May 30, 2011 at 7:20 PM

    Yay! I love winning things 🙂

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