Diamond Diaries

Cardinal baseball, from the girls

Never say die!

OK, I admit it. I was a bad Cardinals fan.  I stopped believing.  I went to bed at 11 PM after Josh Hamilton’s 2 run HR in the top of the 10th  – my 5:30 AM wake up time comes early. As I tried to fall asleep, I thought to myself, OK, it’s great that the Cards got this far, it was a fun ride, but the better team won.

Imagine my shock this morning when my husband woke me up and told me that the Cards had won last night and there would be a game 7.  This game (actually, the last month and 1/2) has had more drama than a soap opera.  Young and the Restless and the Bold and the Beautiful, indeed.  The Cards have had a real cast of characters in this postseason drama  – from the heroes to the goats and a couple of animals too (Torty Craig and Buschy the Rally Squirrel). There has been more suspense than an Alfred Hitchcock movie (for those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Hitchcock, Google him).

There is a lot we as fans can learn from the Cardinals in the last month and a half.  Never give up, never say die, never stop believing. And when you think it’s over, it isn’t.    The most unlikeliest folks can be the heroes. This has been a World Series for the ages.

The Cards get one last chance to win all the marbles.  Workplace productivity in St. Louis today will grind to a screeching halt because of discussion of Game 6 and lack of sleep from watching Game 6.  LOL!  Carp is pitching game 7 and I like our chances.  Momentum is once again going the Cardinals’ way. We will get another chance to maybe see Albert in a Cardinals uniform one last time.

I will be watching Game 7 tonight at church with friends.  Our church has what’s called Fellowship Cafe every other Friday night and there is an HDTV in the fellowship room, so we will be watching there.

Incidentally, yesterday was Angela’s birthday.  What a great present to not only have a World Series game on your birthday, but such a dramatic one as well!  Hope you had a great birthday, Angela!

I hope to post tomorrow about a World Series win!  Until then –

Go Cards!


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