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UCB Fall Roundtable: November 15

It was my assigned day to post the question to the UCB Fall Roundtable.  This was the first time I have posted a question to the Roundtable, so I hoped that everyone would be nice and not laugh at my question.  Below is the question that I asked:

Good morning everyone!  Congratulations to Mike Matheny on being selected as the new Cardinals manager!  One of Mike’s first duties will be to look at the Cardinals coaching staff and see if changes need to be made. 

Today’s question is, which of the other Cardinals coaches would you like to see leave and why?  My choice would be Jose Oquendo.  The players obviously don’t respect him – they run through his signs at third base.

Thanks for participating!  Have a great day!

Here’s the answers that I got, some of which were edited for brevity:

Daniel SolzmanI would not get rid of Oquendo just because Albert decided to use his inner-Enos and make a mad dash for home.  Let’s like saying get rid of Derek Lilliquist because the bullpen didn’t hear the right name.  I’m guessing it may be Petini’s time to go though.

Daniel Shoptaw, C70 at the Bat -Interestingly, that was the topic of my post this morning.  Or at least who I believe will go, not necessarily who I want to go.  I think the easiest way to get some new blood into the coaching staff is to let Dave McKay follow Tony either out the door or at least to a different position in the organization.  Chris Maloney could take over first and start learning the ropes at the big league leve.


Mark,Retrosimba.com – Diane:  Dave McKay. Seems like a nice guy, but other than being a loyal buddy to Tony La Russa, his contributions to the team were minimal. No one ever talks about him being a leader. His departure wouldn’t hurt the team.

Christine Coleman, Aaron Miles’ Fastball – I agree with Nick – I don’t know that I necessary want to see anyone go. But having just read that Chris Maloney was promoted to the major league staff, someone must be leaving. So my option would be Joe Pettini (and have Maloney be the bench coach).

Dathan Brooks, I70Baseball.com – Jeff Murphy, anyone?  I don’t know.  This seems like it could be a dangerous topic, as I suspect most of us have no idea what these folks do outside of the fraction of what we all see every half inning.  It’d be awfully hard to say goodbye to the man who helped bring us the illustrious 35-game Cardinals career of Cody McKay, no?  (c:

Ray DeBousse, stlcardinalbaseball.com – I wouldn’t really “like” to see any of them go. However, I’d really like to see Chris Maloney promoted, which most likely means Pettini would be sacrificed.  The McGwire situation should be an interesting view, given Matheny’s past comments about steroids and McGwire’s obvious success as hitting coach. I’d like McGwire to stay if possible.

Tom Knuppel, CardinalsGM.com – I am thinking two coaches get “reassigned” or move on. One is the reports that the Cardinals are wanting a new bench coach w/major league experience and the word is a Grady Little hiring may be in the works. This puts Pettini out of in a new position. If Maloney is truly on board, that probably means McKay is on the way out. I would like to see “Pop” Warner gets some coaching time with the big club.

Bob Netherton – My first choice is Jose Oquendo as well, but perhaps not for the same reason.   One of the coaches I want to see continue in some capacity is Joe Pettini.   He was in the Cardinals system long before the arrival of Tony La Russa, and I would like to see him stay.  Pettini’s retention could go a long way in making Matheny’s transition easier since Joe handles a lot of the little things, like organizing practice.  Dave McKay is a “Tony La Russa” guy from his Oakland days but I have no desire to see him anywhere else but St. Louis.   If another spot needs to be opened up for Chris Maloney or Grady Little, I would prefer to keep Pettini over McKay – but that’s a very hard choice.

Chris Mallonee – As others have mentioned, this is a tough question because fans know so little of the behind the scenes that goes on. Matheny faces a tough task. He has no experience, and he has to lead a group of experienced coaches that just won a World Series title.  There is no coach that I would like to see leave unless they can’t commit to backing Matheny 100%.  All that to say, the only coach I would “like” to see leave is one that can’t fully support Matheny and would cause dissension in the clubhouse.

Miranda Remaklus, Aaron Miles’ Fastball – I fully understand your point about Jose Oquendo. I wondered about all the talk that he was the key to Albert staying. Why? So he can run over him? But, I’d hate to see him go. I’d rather he be a bench coach maybe. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pettini or McKay goes. Although I’d hate to see McKay leave for sure! As a Memphis Redbirds fan, I like Chris Malloney moving up! I think Lilliquist stays because he’ll probably be pitching coach once Duncan retires. Oh and I’ve noticed no talk of getting rid of McGwire. The kids – Freese and Craig — have really bought in to his teaching style. Getting rid of him would be a set back for the youngsters. Don’t fire McGwire! 🙂
Justin W. Adams, InsideSTL.com -We simply don’t have enough information to cast such ballots. Period. That said, in hearing Chris Maloney may get bumped up to the big club staff, I think it would be a great opportunity to offer Oquendo the managerial position in Memphis. For whatever reasons, and I believe they are legit, Oquendo has been passed over…not just by the Cardinals, but other clubs as well. As a pro manager he would have the opportunity to prove his worth in that capacity. Honestly, I’m not sure Oquendo even wants the capo gig. Sure has created for himself a little extra job security/added value by repeatedly throwing his hat in the ring, however, no?

Jon Doble, RedbirdDugout.com –  This coaching staff is a World Series Champion coaching staff. The best change would be no change. Just substitute LaRussa for Matheny and go. The biggest question to me would be how well Jose Oquendo can buy in to what Mike Matheny is doing as manager. It’s a tough situation to be in for a coach. Passed up and now working under the guy you lost the job to. Let alone a guy who has less experience than you. In short, there really isn’t anyone I’d remove from the coaching staff. Duncan, Lilliquist, McGwire, and Aldrete are all among the tops in their roles. Oquendo’s staying depends on how he’ll deal with being overlooked for the managerial role. The other two guys appear to be considering their exits anyway.
JE Powell, STL: Fear the Red -I don’t want to get rid of Jose Oquendo, but I just do not see him staying. He was passed up for a job that for which he has more experience, perhaps not by much, though, than does Matheny. I would like to see him stay, but, personally, I would find it hard to be passed up for a job for a company for someone less experienced and want to stick around. I don’t know what other jobs would be out there for Oquendo, but maybe he would be a good bench coach.  I realize the questions was “who would you want to get rid of?” But I am answering by saying that I think Oquendo will probably answer the question for us.
Bill Ivie, I70Baseball.com –  Allow me to say what no one else is saying: We won the World Championship.  We reached the pinnacle of baseball. They are, in fact, a world championship coaching staff.  All that is true at this moment.  The team deserves a small shake-up.  LaRussa gave that to them on his way out the door.  Matheny deserves the opportunity to lead this team and that may mean that he needs to change some coaches.  Who needs to go?  I don’t know that answer.  But I would say a few new coaches would make this Matheny’s team and not LaRussa’s team run by Mike Matheny.
Thanks to all the Roundtable folks who took the time to answer my question.  I realize I haven’t answered many myself, but that’s because someone else has said what I was going to say and I don’t think I could improve on what was said.  Hopefully I’ll get better as the Roundtable goes on and I can contribute something serious to the conversation!  🙂

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