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Na na na na, hey hey, goodbye!

Erika may be over it, but I’m not (well, at least not yet).  We Cardinals fans feel like jilted lovers.  The one we adored, whose jerseys we bought, whose home runs we cheered, left us for greener (in more ways than one) pastures.

Albert, you deceived us.  You told us you “wanted to be a Cardinal forever.”  You said the Angels were “tugging on your heart,” but it was more like they were tugging on your wallet.  If it “wasn’t about the money,” then why didn’t you sign with the Cardinals?

I can understand when where a favorite player is traded to a different team.  I remember when John Tudor was traded to the Dodgers for Pedro Guerrero in 1988. (Yeah, I know I’m old.  Oh well. Age happens.)  It broke my heart – Tudor was my favorite player.  The Cards eventually got him back, though.  Sometimes, trades are for the best for both sides (i.e., Colby Rasmus). 

This, however, was not a trade.  This was an out and out rejection and it stings. The best fans in baseball are in St. Louis.  Albert, why would you want to play for a team in a place where the fans aren’t as forgiving as we are?  They will boo you if you don’t hustle to first on a ground ball.  The media will rake you over the coals if you don’t play up to their perceived standards.  You had it made in St. Louis. 

 I will always love the St. Louis Cardinals as a team.  But I will have to think long and hard about choosing a player to make my favorite again. Loyalty isn’t what it used to be; it’s a reflection of the world we live in. 

Thanks for reading!  See you next time!


3 responses to “Na na na na, hey hey, goodbye!

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  2. Rex Hamann December 10, 2011 at 9:51 AM

    Awesome post, Diane, I know exactly how you feel. When our heroes succumb to the dollar sign the way AP did leaves us feeling bewildered, dazed & confused, betrayed and just downright pissed off. I’m a Brewers fan, and it still bugs me what AP did. I mean, how much do you need???

  3. stlfearthered December 10, 2011 at 5:35 PM

    Great post! I loved John Tudor when I was a kid, right behind Ozzie Smith.

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