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It’s cold. Cardinal Nation is still reeling from an unexpected Pujols departure.  Holiday stress is on the rise with burgeoning shopping lists, Christmas parties, pageants, concerts and family demands.  Wouldn’t we all like to rewind for a few hours to a happier time back in October when we had baseball and a magical run to the postseason with 7 incredible games of World Series battles ending in …. Well, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you.

The kind folks at A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions are again giving us the chance to make our readers happy and spread that warm October baseball joy with a free copy of the 2011 St.  Louis Cardinals World Series Collector’s Edition DVD Set.  Yep, the WHOLE kit and caboodle.  You will win the EIGHT DVD set.  Talk about a great escape!

Let me tell you a little about this set.  I received my copy about a week ago and felt like I won the lottery!  All seven games and a bonus DVD.  I expect most Cardinal fans would attack this box of video treasures in the following manner:

1.  Survey the back of the box to set the stage for the eye candy ahead, reading about the gem you are now holding in your hot little mitts.  “…featuring every game of this remarkable Fall Classic —- including Game 6 which instantly became one of the greatest postseason games ever played— this eight-DVD set celebrates the unforgettable, exhilarating, dramatic and uplifting comebacks and victories of the World Series Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals.”

 2.  Pop in the BONUS DVD to see all the extras.  Oh and you will find a plethora of extras!  From a montage of the highlights of the 2011 regular season including walk-off wins, milestones and highlights and champagne celebrations from the NLDS and NLCS to the trophy presentations and the St. Louis victory parade.

 3.  Settle in for commercial-free viewing of each and every World Series game.  Here’s the psychology experiment:  Do you start with Game 1 or go directly for Game 6?  You know you want to.  😉

 The cover of every DVD case is chock full of trivia tidbits from each game along with it’s complete boxscore and inning-by-inning description of the action.  A nice added touch: each DVD gives you a choice of audio broadcasts as well as English/Spanish options.

To sum it up, this is a MUST HAVE.  A+E Networks/MLB Productions hit a homerun with this Collector’s Edition.  As I write this post, I have Cardinals baseball playing on the television in the background.  It almost feels like late summer … the sights and sounds of our beloved game… You WANT this.  You KNOW you do!

So…. HOW DO YOU WIN a boxed set for yourself, you ask?

While we are almost positive this set will make it to the top of your favorite St. Louis Cardinals keepsakes list, we would love to see what already tops that list.  Send us a photo of you (or the Cardinals fan in your life) with your favorite Cardinal memento.  It might be your towering collection of Cardinal wearables, that Brendan Ryan autographed ball (you know I had to throw that one in there!) or a framed photo of you with your favorite Redbird.  Whatever brings you that warm and fuzzy feeling of ultimate Cardinal love…  we want to see you showing it off.

Email your photos to cardsdiamonddiary@gmail.com.

Everyone is invited to enter, even the winners of our World Series Highlights DVD contest.  We will post all eligible entries for reader voting starting Monday of next week, so get your entries in early!  Winners will be announced next Friday, Dec 23rd.  Poor Santa may have a hard time competing with this prize!  😉

As always…. if you have absolutely no patience OR if you want to order a phenomenal Christmas gift for that special Cardinal fan in your life,  we’re including the shopping link HERE .

Good luck!  We can’t wait to see your photos.

2 responses to “Favorite Things Contest

  1. Jeremy Biggs December 14, 2011 at 10:16 AM

    Interesting.. I may have to wait a lil bit and see if I get my stuff from Freese then enter this.. if not it’s gonna have to be with my Ozzie Smith or Lou Brock autographed baseball hah

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