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Cardinal baseball, from the girls

Cast Your Vote: Our Favorite Things Photo Contest

Earlier this week, we unveiled our latest giveaway.  Click HERE to read more about the contest & the amazing Cardinals baseball goodie our “Favorite Things” participants are competing for.

Holy Moly... it's baseball heaven in a box!

The prize: an eight disc Collectors Edition World Series DVD set, from our friends at A+E Entertainment/MLB Productions. The contest: We asked for photos of you (or the Cardinal fans in your life) with your favorite Cardinals memento. We received the following wonderful photos with heart-warming stories and cool baseball treasures.

Here’s where we need YOUR help! Please cast your vote for the winner of our “Favorite Things” contest.  The winning submission goes home with baseball heaven in a box!  (DVDs of all seven games of the 2011 World Series plus a bonus DVD full of the most incredible moments from the 2011 Redbirds’ season.)  This poll will be open through Friday, Dec 23rd.  The winner will be announced on December 24th.

Entry #1 from Aron: "The first time my son saw his brick at Busch Stadium"

Entry #2 from Maridee: "This is an autograph of Chris Carpenter I got right after the won the world series at the rams game. I am a huge carp fan and this is my favorite cardinals hat. I am a huge cardinals fan and love goin to games and watching them on tv, I also went with my boy friend to at least one game of each post series game and we stood outside busch stadium to watch them play and went in the stadium after to see them presented the trophies. I would love to have this dvd series so I could relive the excitement of their post season wins. I kept the faith in them and knew they would win."

more from Entry #2 (Maridee's cap)

Entry #3 from Jeff: "Hi Diamond Diaries, These are my favorite Cardinal mementos and I love using them together. Go Cards!!!"

Entry #4 from Jason: "Photo of me with a photo I took of Wainwright, which I sent to him, he signed, and sent back. Can't beat that! Oh, and there's a signed photo of that Bob Gibson guy, too. :)"

Entry #5 from Eric: "My favorite thing that's Cardinal is my hoodie and my mom who taught me everything about Cardinals baseball and being a fan. She's also a stage 3 small cell lung cancer survivor. So I have a blessing in being able to continue to share the winning tradition of Cardinals baseball for years to come."

Entry #6 from Lindsey: "This is me in the car outside the Great American Ballpark. The Cards had a huge win over the Reds that night and when the game was over, Jason Motte (my favorite Cardinal!) looked at me and threw me a ball for being the only Cards fan in my entire section. I was a little excited after that..."

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