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The Kozma Spring Training Support Group

kozma from pinterestSo the internets are all abuzz lately with banter about the Cardinals’ shortstop crisis.  Here’s the quick set-up:

  • Rafael Furcal’s injury looks pretty serious.
  • The signing of Ronny Cedeno  (oldish guy, mediocre bandaid) isn’t the sure cure fans were hoping for.
  • Brendan Ryan is still a Mariner.
  • And apparently it is uncool to admit you actually have some faith in Pete Kozma.

I am beginning to feel as though I might need a support group.

“Hello, my name is Erika, and I have faith in Pete Kozma.”

* crickets?… *

Okay guys, it’s just Spring Training and most normal non-baseball- addict-type folk aren’t even really paying attention to baseball yet.  Sure, some anxious fans are already gearing up for the season, practicing their panic over pitching performances and their elation as otherwise mild-mannered position players are knocking the ball out of the park with the help of some hitter-friendly Florida wind gusts, not to mention the help of experimental opposing pitching; but let’s just sit back and enjoy the moment, shall we?

1)  The long winter drought is allllmost over… finally some real baseball is being played.

2)  Pitchers are just gearing up and are likely trying out new and unusual stuff they dreamed up in the offseason.  So, spring training stats are about as useful as painting your fingernails with your feet (unless you’re really good at that.)

3) Pete Kozma may not be as horrible as his critics would like us to believe.

hello my name isIt’s definitely not time to panic.  Heck, according to the calendar it’s not even officially spring yet!  So, can we please give this Kozma kid a shot? Remember those flashes of brilliance Pete surprised us with in the post season?  And just think about all those David Freese critics just a short time back who have now moved on to newer, younger, untested targets.  Past stats are not sure predictors.  Afterall, I’m certain we could find some stats somewhere that can prove that not all breakout players had the stats to predict their first truly successful season, right?

So while the boys are warming up down in Florida, I’d prefer to warm up for the season with a little less worry and a little more faith in Mozeliak and Matheny and our shortstop-by-default.  ~Enjoying instead the pleasant mental exercise of considering the potential baseball magic ahead for our Cardinals in 2013. I’ll even predict here and now that we will be looking back on this Spring Training shortstop “crisis” in a few months thinking we should have had a little more confidence in Kozma.  It’s a lot less stressful that way.  😉

“Hello, my name is Erika, and I have faith in Pete Kozma.”

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