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Kyle Lohse: Closure

You know that point when a good relationship has run its course?

You do still love him but in your heart you know he’s not “the one.”  You’ve given him your best offer, but you both knew you were holding back. He needed more than you could give.  You had a good run together, but you part ways amicably, telling yourself you can still be friends…

Lohse at WWU 2012

That type of breakup is tough.

Some baseball breakups are no different.

Tonight Kyle Lohse will take the mound at Busch Stadium for the first time as a Milwaukee Brewer, and for the first time in 5 years, I will be rooting against him.

My memories of Lohse are good ones:  autographed baseballs and a signed cap, photos, a fun chat after a Spring Training morning practice at Roger Dean Stadium… not to mention the years spent hanging on his every pitch, cheering his comeback from a totally weird surgery and celebrating his success.  In fact, it was three years ago that I hesitantly started blogging about baseball with my first post dedicated to defending (the then struggling) Mr. Lohse.

lohse at jsonlinedotcomWatching his return to pitch at Busch today will be bittersweet.

Seeing him in that uniform will be atrocious.

Thanks for the memories, Kyle.

Here’s to the type of closure that the end of every good relationship needs:  beating your ex at a friendly game of baseball.  😉

Go Cards!

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