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Cards At The K

If you’ve never been to a game at the beautiful Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, you truly are missing out. Now, I wrote about the Cardinals’ rivalry with the Royals over at Baseball Digest, so I won’t rehash it, but despite the score, it was really a fun atmosphere down at the K last night. To start – here was the scene around the third inning last night:

Yes, I sit in nosebleeds. I like it, too. Sweet views!

As you can see, there are an awful lot of red shirts in the seats, to the point where the ‘LET’S go CARDinals! *clap*clap*clapclapclap*’ chants  were much better than anything the Royals PA could put together.

Don’t forget (although you want to) – the Royals won. They were just overpowered in the stands. I heard several mentions on my way into the stadium about how cool it was to see the ‘sea of red’ taking over the parking lots. (To be fair, season ticket holders and anyone buying a ticket package park in a different lot.)

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I have to – Royals fans moan about how Cardinal fans need to get over 1985, but if they don’t quit wearing their 25 year old world championship t-shirts pretty soon, the shirts will start showing up at the park sans-owners. That leads perfectly into my list of FANS OF THE GAME!

1st Place: This gentleman (that’s a kind word) was sitting next to my family. The front of his shirt had 2 dead birds hanging off a bat. This is the back:

2nd Place: I’m amazed that I didn’t notice this man until the 7th inning stretch. Maybe it’s because I see him every year. No joke. Then again, when were Beanie Babies last cool – 2001? I also enjoy that he is wearing a KU championship shirt instead of a Royals shirt. Convenient for when the score is reversed, ehh?

3rd Place: Sadly, I don’t have this one (not for lack of trying), but this one goes to the two buddies that were wearing Royal blue Denkinger shirts. Number 85, of course.

Honorable Mention: I feel the need to notice the following good Cardinal folks that made the trek: the Scott Spiezio jersey, the 2 Chris Duncan jerseys (2? In the same section? But not together? Madness!), and the 2 year old in the Rick Ankiel jersey. Friends, wait to buy player jerseys for your kids until they fit into them. Don’t plan ahead, or if you do, go for a franchise player!

All jokes aside, I truly do enjoy going to games in Kansas City. I’ve been to enough games over the years and have enjoyed seats from the 4th row to the 4th deck. I’m telling you – there is not a bad view no matter where you sit. I like sitting way up high because you can take in everything at once, from the shift of the infield to the action in both bullpens. The Royals have done very extensive renovations in their outfield over the past few years. If you haven’t been recently – here’s the view of the outfield area:

The right field area is the place to be in my mind. On hot days the Pepsi Party Porch will give you a nice mist when the fountains are on, and the whole outfield area is now open with different attractions and places to stand and watch the games. I’d venture that about 75% (probably more) of the people wandering around out there during the game actually have seats, but never sit in them. Even compared to games that I attended here 5 years ago, this is a much more fan-friendly atmosphere now.

Friday nights are the best nights, because the Royals do a pretty spectacular fireworks show that you do not want to miss! It’s not quite to the standards of the 4th of July at the Arch, but it is worth seeing, every time!

So for any of you out there that are going to be at either of the next two games, see ya there (I’ll be one of the ones not sitting in a seat), enjoy the stadium, and help me bring home some winners!

A Cardinal Fan’s Guide to Miller Park

I don’t want to talk about what I missed last night. It upsets me. I spent the evening in Milwaukee at Miller Park. Why? Long story short, my school was given tickets, and 1 came to me, so I made the trek to spend the game surrounded by adoring 5th graders and gossipy soccer moms. Thrilling.
Instead of telling you too many gruesome details about the Brewers/Pirates game I witnessed, I thought I would use this post to give you a quick guide to Miller Park, especially if you’re going with the other teams’ gear on. Also, since I am starting this post at midnight, I’m way too tired to put this into coherent paragraphs, so you get a bullet list. Take it and like it!
Still love ya, Jimmy, but it was hard to watch you out there.
    • Brewer fans love them some Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder. I was under the impression that they were decently appreciative of Jim Edmonds as well, but those were Cardinal fans cheering for him a few weeks ago. Tonight? I was probably cheering louder than any Brewer fan there. Also, he’s lost several steps in the outfield. Balls he used to pull in bounced in front of the warning track tonight. Sad. After that, the loudest sounds in the park begin when Trevor Hoffman comes in. Bring earplugs for that, because that was the loudest I’ve ever heard Hell’s Bells. Hoffman’s looked awful this year too. If you think boo’s were raining down on Izzy in his rough patches… you didn’t hear 28,000 people chewing out Trevor Hoffman tonight. They’re screaming his name all the way in from the bullpen, and 2 minutes later the boo birds were out in full force. That was ugly.
  • If you’re interested in watching warm-ups and batting practice but not looking to score autographs you probably won’t get, get to the gates just before the park opens 90 min before gametime. They let you in as long as you’re going to TGIFriday’s. To me – that’s genius, because the food is actually priced normally, and if you sit outside you’re hanging out right above left field. Bonus to this is you’re right over the top of the (visiting) pitchers who come out to left to stretch and warm up their arms. You’ve also got a pretty decent shot at a bp ball, and the boys toss quite a few up in the stands/seating area for Fridays. A few weeks ago Holliday tossed us a ball that was just a shade too high, so it hit off the facade and bounced down behind the wall. It happens.
  • There are usually a pretty good number of Cardinal fans there. Not quite the number that head to KC for the Royals’ series, but you’re not alone by any stretch.
  • Brewer fans are nice until they’re intoxicated, and they’re willing to have a conversation with you as long as you’re ‘not as rude as those awful Cubs fans.’ Many of them will tell you they trade in their Cubs tickets because the fans are so awful to deal with. I hear more horror stories about Brewer/Cub games with every passing game I attend. They really are that bad. But Brewer fans are pretty okay with Cardinal fans. Even last night, as I was the only person in the stadium wearing Cardinals apparel, no one said a word to me about it.
  • If you’re going for upper deck, go for row 8, which is the front row of the upper deck. I found this out by chance a few weeks ago, and it was nice being in the ‘front row.’
  • Second deck seats in Miller Park are awesome. Sitting behind 5 rows entirely filled with the Madden family reunion is not quite as awesome, but the view is still really good. I’ve yet to find a horrible seat at the park, although looking through a bar that went horizontally right through the pitcher’s mound one night wasn’t fun.
  • Buy tickets off stub-hub. That’s a given, but most of the people in our section one night snagged tickets for 8 bucks each. You’re not going to find that in St. Louis for sure. Last year’s Labor Day game (Carpenter pitched a 1 hitter!) I had 10th row tickets for under 30 bucks.
  • Vendors are decent, security is tight, bathrooms are clean. Seat jumping does not go over well, but it’s easier than Kansas City.
  • The next time you think about complaining/talking/commenting on the annoyance of the wave at Busch, just stop. I saw THIS guy (sitting completely alone – as in, his whole section of seats was empty) start the wave in the first inning last night. He then proceeded to start it every half inning through the bottom of the 5th, no matter what was happening in the game. During the top of the 5th inning alone, he attempted to start the wave over 9 times. How many was it? I don’t know – I got bored after 9. Needless to say, St. Louis is not the worst city in the world on annoying wave starters.
  • Either get out of the stadium ASAP, or just hang out after the game for an hour, because the parking lot situation is a disaster, as well as being completely trashed. If you managed not to run over a can, bottle, grill, bean bag, baseball, or other piece of trash, kudos.
  • Also, Milwaukee is a disaster area of a city in terms of highway construction. Take GPS and Google Maps and cross your fingers you don’t get lost or detoured. If you St. Louis drivers thought 40 construction was bad, try doing the same thing to 70 and 270 – all at the same time. People that have lived there for 15 years are getting lost.
Again, I wish I could chat with you about the Cardinals game last night. I hope this will suffice!
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