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>Did You Look?


Did you look yet?
I looked. 
Last year I was watching the NL standings like a Hawksworth.  It was an addiction really.  It was great fun because the Cardinals were winning.  I would check MLB’s website in the morning and again in the evening just to make sure no other team was gaining ground.
The Magic Number thing was a mystery last season, my first experience of both playoff fever and Twitter. Suddenly I was surrounded by great baseball fans who were spouting all these new terms and phrases.  I was soaking it up like a sponge, but starting from nothing, I had a long way to go.  The Magic Number Mystery took a few examples of combination wins and losses, 1st place and 2nd place teams playing each other, and the quirky off-day math for me to figure out the formula.   But when that lightbulb clicked on, I was back in the game!
Last September was exciting, and I was absolutely giddy!  Or at least that is how I remember it.
This season has sputtered to a close and I gotta admit, I definitely have not been curiously fixated on the complete MLB standings.  The Cardinals have been losing, falling behind the Reds, and the ‘games back’ number has been solemnly reported during each and every Cardinals game telecast.  I did not have to hunt it out, it was cruelly forced upon me.  Watching the dropping Magic Numbers of other teams has been like salt in a wound.  

In 2010 my baseball vocabulary has been broadened again.
This time I learned “Tragic Number”- that one sucks.
YESTERDAY was the first time in over a month that I purposely typed in www.MLB.com and clicked on “Standings.” I knew the news would be ugly, but morbid curiosity took over. Plus I was on another mission.
Don’t tell the boys, but I am currently working through the process and accepting the reality of a postseason without the Cardinals. I am also beginning my hunt for an adopted stepteam.  Who would have thought, going into the 2010 season, that a Cardinal fan would need to pick some other team to watch in the postseason?!?  Certainly not I.  Yet here I am, easing into the process and eyeing the multitude of baseball candidates.  (Why do I have this awful, horrible, no-good feeling that I am cheating on my Cardinals by saying that?)

It’s a loaner team, just for the month of October, I promise! 😉
Today on i70baseball.com, my article is called “Expanding My Roster” and is more about how a baseball fan moves into the postseason when their team is going home instead. Check it out?
So, who will be your postseason stepteam?  I am looking for suggestions.  Bonus points for sentimental player background stories and childhood pictures. The sappy stuff gets me every time!  
Play Ball!  =)

Catching Baby Birds

If you are just here for the Memphis pictures today, I totally understand. Scroll down and check out our AAA baseball boys on their way to a championship!  However, in order to create a post through which to weave these pictures, I had to fill up the rest of today’s space with some words.
So… let me tell you a story.  It is about the Friday night I spent with the boys from Memphis. 
For those of you who might not already know: I absolutely REVEL in the opportunity to watch the Memphis Redbirds (St. Louis Cardinals’ AAA affiliate, affectionately termed the Baby Birds) when they come to my hometown of Oklahoma City. Last weekend’s Memphis game was the icing on my personal cake for two reasons.
First, Memphis was playing OKC in the Pacific Coast League (PCL) Playoffs and had already grabbed a 2-game lead in the best of five series. Friday would be game 3 and their chance to sweep. 
Second, I would be returning to the ballpark with another press pass (thanks to my favorite i70baseball editor, Bill) and was crazy-thrilled because once again I would have great views, unlimited access and a spot so close to the dugout, I would be sharing the same air as the ballplayers.    *Breathe in. Breathe out.* 
Friday night’s ballgame was a definite doozy! The Baby Birds did indeed get the win and Memphis hurler Lance Lynn pitched his way to a new franchise record with 16 strikeouts. I am also happy to report: I did not hyperventilate, no restraining orders were issued and Joe Mather’s personal space was not violated. The fact that I was slightly “under the weather” may have limited my enthusiasm, but no little germ could keep me away from the ballpark that night.
Yes, some of my favorite Memphis players were absent – Jon Jay, Tyler Greene, Matt Pagnozzi, Bryan Anderson and Nick Stavinoha are all now up in St. Louis with the Cardinals while Shane Robinson remained on the DL (since May) with a shoulder injury.  Thankfully Daniel Descalso was manning shortstop for the Baby Birds (great glove, fun to watch), and Jim Rapoport continues to be another prime reason to be a Redbird fan (chick comment).  But selfishly I was most glad to see Joe Mather and Allen Craig still slumming it in the minors. (Sorry guys!)
Unlike my first media pass adventure when the photo targets were ballplayers unknown to me, this time we had history.  Names and faces from ballgames past were right next to me.  It was glorious!
The Best Laid Plans
As this was my second ballpark adventure with a Golden Ticket (media pass), my rookie fears about the how’s and where’s had vanished.  I knew the layout. My plan of attack was simple: be there when the press gates opened (2 ½ hours before the game) and get on the field to snag several glorious batting practice photos.  I had envisioned the possible scenarios so many times in my mind that when my mental script hit a snag (i.e. batting practice was OVER by the time I got there), I was momentarily stunned.  
But ballplayers were on the field, and I recovered my senses quickly.
Moving on.  No batting practice…
Adjusting the plan, I set up shop in the shady right field bleachers and watched the pitchers warming up. I even talked briefly with one of the Memphis coaches and immediately spilled the beans.  It is virtually impossible for me to keep my love of baseball under wraps.  
Me: “Are you going to win today?”
Memphis Coach: “Of course!  Are you a Memphis fan?”
Me: “YES!…… but don’t tell anyone…  
       (laughing) I am supposed to be impartial.”
The coach assured me he would keep my secret, and if you can’t trust a MiLB coach, who can you trust?  😉
No cheering when you are at the ballpark with a press pass?  Well, that rule was broken in less than 10 minutes.  But I rationalized that away as a minor violation because my lapse into baseball fandom occurred during pregame warm-ups and there was only one witness – and he isn’t talking!    
Blabber mouth
Without batting practice to keep me busy, I wandered the stadium, visited the press box to collect lineup and roster information and then met my family for dinner.  About 30 minutes before game time, I headed back down to the field and staked my claim in the photo well by the visitor dugout (of course) just in time to watch the Redbirds ascend from the clubhouse, up through the dugout and onto the field to sign autographs.  Another gal with a camera-to-die-for was in the dugout talking to Joe Mather.  When Joe pranced out onto the field, I had to know.  Who was she?  (More importantly…. How do I get a job like that?!)
Filling me in, she told me of her role as a team photographer, mentioning that she had to pay her own way to Oklahoma City – as well as to the series in Iowa where the Redbirds clinched their spot in the playoffs.  I asked where fans could see photos from the champagne celebration in Iowa, but learned that when a photographer pays their own way to a game, the pictures taken are the property of the photographer instead of the team.  

Translation: no Memphis champagne celebration photos for us. 
Talking with her was such fun that once again, I felt compelled to fess up and lay my fan cards on the table.  The Memphis boys may never know I was their biggest fan in the stadium that evening, but my intentions had now been officially registered with two appropriate Memphis personnel. 

Conflicted and Oblivious
Those are the two words that pop into my mind when asked how it was to experience the game as a photographer instead of a fan. 

Conflicted – I watched from afar as my family enjoyed the game from seats behind the Memphis dugout.  My kids got autographs before the game, but this time I would be an observer instead of a participant.  A player tossed a game ball over the dugout to my daughter when he noticed she was wearing a Memphis Redbirds jersey (not many of those in Oklahoma.)  And my clan celebrated and cheered our Baby Birds each time they stepped to the plate. There were many moments that night when my empty seat there in the stands beckoned me.  I was sorely missing those special fan experiences.

Oblivious – At the end of the evening, my amazing Hubby kindly filled me in on an incredible game fact: Memphis’ starting pitcher Lance Lynn had thrown SIXTEEN strikeouts.
During my stint behind a camera lens I was entirely isolated from game discussion.  That works great for focusing on the moments on the field, but is horrible for the ‘big picture.’  It was suddenly clear to me why I had not captured any diving defensive gems  – no baserunners tends to limit flashy gloves and defensive plays, and 16 K’s severely restricts the number of potential baserunners.  I was entirely unaware of the magnitude of the pitching feat while jockeying for good photos.  

So, if I ever get the chance again, I will find a way & listen to the game broadcast. Being oblivious to drama like that?  Unacceptable for a true baseball fan, er… uh… a photographer.  😉
Mission Accomplished:
Amazing ballgame.  Unmatchable experience. I had more fun than I deserved. I did my best professional photographer impersonation and (thanks to my tough little camera and a magical new lens) came home with some pictures I love.  I will try not to get all mushy about it, but I have to say that for a gal who lives and breathes baseball (especially Cardinal and Memphis baseball), I felt as though I had gone to heaven.  The opportunity to be on the grass for the action and close enough to the dugout to hear players and coaches discuss strategy during the game will be a memory I will cherish.  I hope for many more!

Since I have now typed enough words to fill this space with a spattering of beautiful baseball boys, I will close this out. 

But I will be crossing my fingers for another Golden Ticket and a Memphis return next Tuesday night.  

Looking Ahead:
The Cardinals may be faltering in the final moments of 2010, but our Memphis Redbirds are pushing full-steam ahead.  This week they will be taking on Tacoma in the PCL Championship Series September 14th-19th at Memphis’ Autozone Park.
When these Redbirds win their second consecutive PCL Championship title (yes, I am that confident in my Baby Birds), they will return to Oklahoma City for the AAA Championship game on September 21st.
So, if you are in need of a boost to renew your Cardinal baseball postseason fervor, keep your eyes and ears on the Memphis Redbirds. 
Their website is here:
You can see more photos of the Memphis Redbirds’ Friday night game at my Baseball Digest twitter account : @Erika4Baseball or here on twitpic.

Viva El Baby Birds!!!  =)
If you would like to read more, the story of my unbelievably fun first media pass adventure can be found here on i70baseball.com. I am thrilled to share with you photos from the Memphis playoff game in today’s Diamond Diaries post, but kindly ask that the photos not be used or redistributed without permission.  Thank you! 

Back-to-School Success

Kids everywhere are heading back to school, and unless you are a student, a parent, or (like me) a teacher, you don’t really care, unless your morning commute is suddenly crowded with big yellow school buses. People everywhere are wondering where their summers went, why the sun is suddenly setting much earlier than it had been, and whether those 100 degree days are really behind us or if another major heat wave is still waiting to sneak up on us in the end of the month.

For the Cardinals, maybe they need a little back to school kick in the pants to remember all the things they need to keep doing (or start doing again) in order to be successful in life, October, and in the eyes of their fans. Let’s brainstorm, shall we?

Starting at the top, the team needs to trust their leaders. From John Mozeliak to Tony LaRussa to Dave Duncan, the team has some pretty stellar leaders. Critics claim that the Cardinals don’t really have a high standard set for teaching their ‘pupils’ for success. I point over to Cardinals GM, who wrote a post awhile back about how the Cardinals as a whole fail to teach their players the fundamentals (Click over and scroll down a bit to the post labeled ‘Teaching’ to see more). However, Tony and company have stated that the big leagues is not a place to ‘teach,’ so I hope the plan is to at least lead, or else we’re all in trouble.

If a student would ever walk into  my classroom
with one of these… automatic A.

Is mid-to-late August too late to get back to basics? Most likely yes, but that’s where the team is right now. It has felt like this all year – the team has not been putting everything together all at once. It felt like it a couple of times (see here and here if you need some reminders), but then things fell apart again. The start to any good school year has to include some review of the basics, so here are a few things the boys need to pack into their backpacks for the stretch run:

  • Bats. Bats have to be number one on the supply list. Why? Because more often than not this year, when there have been problems, missing bats seem to be one of the culprits. Sometimes it feels like the big bats have fallen silent, since ‘the Machine’ has had a ‘down for maintenance’ sign hanging on his locker a few times this year and other big bats like Matt Holliday and Ryan Ludwick have had slow starts, injuries, or (*sniff*) been traded. On the flip side, the big bats can’t do all the heavy lifting, and having the bottom 3-4 players in a lineup all have 0-for-the-game in the same evening doesn’t help either.
  • Gloves. Some of the boys are pretty good about remembering to bring their glove to the game, but a few of them need a sticky note on their keys with a reminder from day to day. It doesn’t matter who is in the lineup and running around the diamond – they need to remember that Dave Duncan likes groundballs, and pitchers who get them frequently. No glove? No play (I made that point over at Baseball Digest a few weeks ago). There’s a reason that Johnny Mo and the team picked up Pedro Feliz yesterday… at least, I think there is. It’s not for his bat, so it must be for his glove. I honestly don’t care who they picked up, as long as it gives the horrendously slumping Felipe Lopez a breather, and will allow him to play again in a middle infield position, where he is both more comfortable and more capable of having solid play with the glove. Okay, lies, I do care. Inserting another .220 hitter into the lineup is obviously not great (sorry Brendan), and really, WHY do we keep upgrading other things at the expense of the lineup (see trade, Ryan Ludwick)?
  • Brains. Mental lapses on the basepaths have been absolutely brutal this year. I would add more here, but it’s painful. Boys, bring your brain. Turn it on. We’re begging you.
  • Arms. A note from the teacher to the pitchers:

Boys, thanks for all your stellar work this year. Yes, especially you, Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter, Jaime Garcia, and a good chunk of the bullpen. You have battled and gave the rest of the team a chance to win much more often than not. Please accept these gold stars as a token of my love (teachers don’t make enough money for anything better).

Now, the rest of the ‘arms’… Yadi’s arm most definitely made it into the ballpark every day, but like all those homework assignments eaten by all those dogs, excuses are not going to cut it come the stretch run as to why you missed the cut-off man, the plate, or Albert’s waiting glove.

I wouldn’t put my children on this bus.
I don’t care how smart she is!

If only the boys had a Ms. Frizzle to do her thing and make everyone play better. Actually, no, she kind of creeps me out a little. But if the Cards are looking for a teacher, all they have to do is match my pittance of a salary and I’ll be there tomorrow (and trust me, I make way less than every rookie in the bigs)!

I’m tired of losing. How about we beat up some Giants over the weekend and make a climb back into this division race, okay?

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