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No baseball makes me a sick girl.

Monday evening I started feeling a little stuffy, and stubbornly insisted that I was fine. Tuesday morning I woke up in a fog, and spent the better part of the day wishing I was in bed. It was half-sick… healthy enough to be out and about but sick enough to be completely miserable. I survived an eleven hour work day (I don’t know why more people wouldn’t want to be teachers and coaches with schedules like this) and crashed on the couch, thankful for peace and quiet.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn’t turn on a baseball game (I watched Monday Night Football the night before… I KNOW), and there wasn’t anything to read or follow or do that had to do with the Cardinals. I think it just hit me that the season really is over. It’s official: I’m sick because I have no Cardinal baseball to watch. I checked my calendars from last year – I was sick the week after the NLDS. Coincidence? No.

I suppose there should be some real baseball chatter today (why else are you here?), but I have to say, the playoffs are not exciting me at the moment. I need to actually have the games on to really get there I think. We toyed with the idea of each one of us here at CDD taking a team to follow through the postseason, but none of us could really choose one.

The only thing we could agree on is that we will cheer for anyone but the Reds. My caveat is to include the Yankees, but I was raised in a home that remembers the Yankee teams of the 1960’s, and I’ve watched them do the same sickening winning in the past 15 years, so I think I’m okay to include the Yankees on the ‘no’ list.

We’re still undecided. I think the choices have narrowed to the Phils, Braves, Rays and Twins. That actually works out nicely considering none of those teams face each other in the first round.

Wait, does that mean we are decided… at least for the division series? Huh. Well, I guess that wasn’t too painful, was it? 🙂

If you need a Cardinal baseball fix (and I know I do), head on over to i70baseball. I’ve started an offseason series on the Cardinals throughout history. Since I thought it would make sense, I started at the beginning. So here it is – Baseball Beginnings in St. Louis. Let me know what you think!

Goooooo Phils/Braves/Rays/Twins! (That’s a mouthful… can we work on a shortened form? Anyone?)

Trade Time Trepidation

This is the first year that I have known enough about the mid season trade period to be interested in the process.  Well, interested may be too mild of a word.  Anxiety-ridden may be closer to the truth. Hearing rumors that one of my favorite players is about to be traded makes me a tad nervous. 
(Brendan Ryan did survive the Roy Oswalt trade circus, so I am breathing easier again.)
Yesterday the trade gates opened and players started shuffling. The Cardinals did not grab pitcher Roy Oswalt even though reports made it seem that Roy would have preferred St. Louis.  No, he ended up in Philadelphia, moving young Phillies pitcher J.A.Happ (and two other minor league prospects) to Houston.  The Astros then turned right around and traded one of those prospects to Toronto in exchange for…. Brett Wallace. 
That trade would have passed by quietly for me except that I recognized Brett Wallace from 2009 when I watched him play as a then-Cardinals prospect with the AAA Memphis Redbirds.  Last year Wallace left the nest in the trade for one of my new favorite Cardinals, Matt Holliday. So, I did not hold a grudge very long.
In the grand scheme of things, this shuffling around of players has actually increased my love of baseball – much to the dismay of my husband.  (He married a gal who could not have cared less about sports and now has a DVR’d program list full of nothing but baseball.)
Thanks to trades and waivers and all the baseball musical chairs,  I have quite a few “step-teams” merely because they have my former Cardinals on the roster.  Rick Ankiel now wears a Kansas City Royals uniform.  Jimmy Edmonds is a Milwaukee Brewer.  Troy Glaus plays for the Braves. The Toronto Blue Jays ended up with our spunky shortstop David Eckstein back in 2008, took our Gold Glove third baseman Scott Rolen in 2009 and then snatched Jarrett Hoffpauir off waivers back in November.  Now Eckstein plays for the San Diego Padres, and Scotty is my only bright side of watching highlights from our current rival, the Cincinnati Reds. 

For those of us without years of baseball history under our belts, all this moving around of players can certainly be shocking and frustrating as we start to love a team. 
However now I am learning it is fun, as a new baseball fan, when I recognize an ‘old’ name from the 2006- 2009 Cardinals.  Mostly it’s the pitchers who have been traded away and pop up in random games or baseball news, names like Marquis, Weaver, Reyes, Piniero, Wellemeyer, Isringhausen, and Flores; but also former players like Adam Kennedy, Cesar Izturis, Julio Lugo, Mark DeRosa, and Ronnie Belliard. 

What this constant shuffling of players has taught me is that baseball is a small world.  The more I watch, the more I learn and the more players and teams I develop a connection to. 
So, IF the unspeakable happens and one of my dear Cardinals (or Memphis ‘BabyBirds’) is suddenly shipped off in exchange for some brand new face in the next 48 hours, I will try to remember I may be losing a Cardinal, but I will also be gaining a new step-team.

Who am I kidding, that won’t help!  😉

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