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Favorite Things Contest

It’s cold. Cardinal Nation is still reeling from an unexpected Pujols departure.  Holiday stress is on the rise with burgeoning shopping lists, Christmas parties, pageants, concerts and family demands.  Wouldn’t we all like to rewind for a few hours to a happier time back in October when we had baseball and a magical run to the postseason with 7 incredible games of World Series battles ending in …. Well, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you.

The kind folks at A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions are again giving us the chance to make our readers happy and spread that warm October baseball joy with a free copy of the 2011 St.  Louis Cardinals World Series Collector’s Edition DVD Set.  Yep, the WHOLE kit and caboodle.  You will win the EIGHT DVD set.  Talk about a great escape!

Let me tell you a little about this set.  I received my copy about a week ago and felt like I won the lottery!  All seven games and a bonus DVD.  I expect most Cardinal fans would attack this box of video treasures in the following manner:

1.  Survey the back of the box to set the stage for the eye candy ahead, reading about the gem you are now holding in your hot little mitts.  “…featuring every game of this remarkable Fall Classic —- including Game 6 which instantly became one of the greatest postseason games ever played— this eight-DVD set celebrates the unforgettable, exhilarating, dramatic and uplifting comebacks and victories of the World Series Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals.”

 2.  Pop in the BONUS DVD to see all the extras.  Oh and you will find a plethora of extras!  From a montage of the highlights of the 2011 regular season including walk-off wins, milestones and highlights and champagne celebrations from the NLDS and NLCS to the trophy presentations and the St. Louis victory parade.

 3.  Settle in for commercial-free viewing of each and every World Series game.  Here’s the psychology experiment:  Do you start with Game 1 or go directly for Game 6?  You know you want to.  😉

 The cover of every DVD case is chock full of trivia tidbits from each game along with it’s complete boxscore and inning-by-inning description of the action.  A nice added touch: each DVD gives you a choice of audio broadcasts as well as English/Spanish options.

To sum it up, this is a MUST HAVE.  A+E Networks/MLB Productions hit a homerun with this Collector’s Edition.  As I write this post, I have Cardinals baseball playing on the television in the background.  It almost feels like late summer … the sights and sounds of our beloved game… You WANT this.  You KNOW you do!

So…. HOW DO YOU WIN a boxed set for yourself, you ask?

While we are almost positive this set will make it to the top of your favorite St. Louis Cardinals keepsakes list, we would love to see what already tops that list.  Send us a photo of you (or the Cardinals fan in your life) with your favorite Cardinal memento.  It might be your towering collection of Cardinal wearables, that Brendan Ryan autographed ball (you know I had to throw that one in there!) or a framed photo of you with your favorite Redbird.  Whatever brings you that warm and fuzzy feeling of ultimate Cardinal love…  we want to see you showing it off.

Email your photos to cardsdiamonddiary@gmail.com.

Everyone is invited to enter, even the winners of our World Series Highlights DVD contest.  We will post all eligible entries for reader voting starting Monday of next week, so get your entries in early!  Winners will be announced next Friday, Dec 23rd.  Poor Santa may have a hard time competing with this prize!  😉

As always…. if you have absolutely no patience OR if you want to order a phenomenal Christmas gift for that special Cardinal fan in your life,  we’re including the shopping link HERE .

Good luck!  We can’t wait to see your photos.

“Thankful for Cardinals” Winners and Erika’s World Series DVD Review

Whether you spent your long holiday (one ‘L’, not two) weekend filling up on turkey and pumpkin pie, battling the frenzy of Black Friday and/or watching football (only because there isn’t any baseball, of course,) we have a few more Thanksgiving moments to share with you before the mistletoe madness and Christmas rush officially takes over the planet.

As part of our giveaway of the Official 2011 World Series Film DVD set (thank you, thank you to A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions), we asked readers interested in winning FREE WORLD SERIES DVDs to send entries telling us which Cardinal players they were most thankful for in 2011.

The following five fun THANKFUL entries showed up in our inbox.  From those, we had the difficult task of picking a winner.  And because we couldn’t pick just one… we’re giving away TWO of the 2011 World Series Film DVD sets.  Congratulations to our lucky “thankful” winners:

Here are the two entries that topped the list for their creativity and won free Cardinals World Series Highlights DVDS:

Sue brought the smiles with her poetic tribute: 

He’s easy on the eyes,
 just one of the guys
Takes his errors with grace,
determined to just help win the race.
Charm is his middle name
and talent in his claim to fame. 
My favorite number is 23
David is the guy for ME. 
Lindsey convinced us that Motte had swag:
“This year I am thankful for a blue eyed, red bearded relief pitcher named Jason Motte. He has brought to this team a new meaning of the word swag, and transformed it into the all powerful “Beard Swag” that consumes Jason at all times. With the way he dances around the mound after every pitch, its hard not to mimic his moves in my own living room, making laps around the coffee table and rubbing the imaginary ball between my hands. His antsy behavior makes me nervous and excited all at once, and I love that feeling. Motte has been the Cardinals secret weapon all along, it just took a few years, good timing, and being in Franklin’s shadow for us to realize it. Before this season not many people had heard of the newly transformed catcher-to-pitcher mechanism named Jason Motte. He was just another relief pitcher who paid his dues in the Cardinal bullpen every other 8th inning or so. But right around the time Franklin’s control started to diminish, Jason’s control of his immense fastball gained more recognition. And while he was never named the official closer, I think we can all agree that without his abilities to control the ball at that type of speed and work so well with Yadi, this team couldn’t have made it so far. Pretty impressive for a man who can barely see his catchers hand signals! Sure some people like to argue that Motte had a horrible Game 2 experience in the World Series this year, but lets face it, had he not had an off night our dramatic comeback to win it all wouldn’t have been so sweet! It wouldn’t be our true Cards if we didn’t have a little drama in the mix! I’m even thankful for an off night. Thanks to his incredible performance this year, Jason has made “Motte” a household name. Fangirls everywhere have been falling in love with the beard, myself included. I thank the Cardinal gods for sending us such a blessing in Jason Louis Motte. And I thank them for making him look so good in a Cardinal uniform! ;)”

Our other three fabulous entries (and honorable mentions) were from Nancy, Kent and Eric :

Nancy reminded us of the MANY reasons we were thankful for the 2011 Cardinals: 
“2011 was the most amazing year of my all my years as a Cardinal FANatic.  It tops all other World Series Titles I’ve lived through and followed faithfully – all the way back to 1964, which, until this year, was my favorite season of all.  This year we went from the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy.  How did this happen?  Who sticks out as the difference maker?  So many different people stepped up  when called upon.  Pujols’ 3 homers in game 3 is one memory I’ll never forget – and Albert delivered a lot of times – but this was not his best season.  Holliday, star power #2, suffered through weird injury after freak accident after weird injury and never really got in a rhythm post-season. The trade for Furcal was absolutely a difference maker and I loved watching him dazzle from shortstop, but his bat suffered.   Guys like Nick Punto, Daniel Descalso, Ryan Theriot, Skip Shumaker all had their moment in the sun for guys who didn’t play regularly.  Allen Craig emerged as an ominous threat at the bat.  Lance Berkman was absolutely worthy as the comeback player of the year – and was the most consistent of all the above-mentioned beloved Redbirds.  Yadier Molina is the man and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone behind home plate.  His bat improved dramatically this year, leading the team in the regular season average tally.  The hero, and most valuable player of the playoffs and the world series is David Freese, hometown boy and emerging superstar – possibly the future face of the franchise.  And exciting as can be.
But I don’t think we win the World Series without Chris Carpenter.  His guts and his emotional command in the final game against Philadelphia coupled with his 2 world series wins carried our team to the title.  His performance in the Playoff Series game against the Phillies reminded me of the Bob Gibson era.  He was totally into every pitch and even when he got into a jam, he never buckled, kept his cool and in the midst of chaos, delivered when it mattered.
Carpenter gets my vote.  And I am so thankful to him and all the Cardinals, including Tony La Russa, Dave Duncan and the entire coaching staff and management for the ride of a lifetime.”

Kent made us stop and think with his unexpected entry: 

“The Cardinal that I am most thankful for is Ryan Franklin. Ryan had a very tough start to begin the 2011 season.  He was bashed and criticized on twitter, Facebook, the newspaper and on TV. He handled the poor start with dignity an class even though the people that were bashing him did not. Eventually he was informed that he was being released and again he didn’t leave the team kicking and screaming, but handled it with class.

After laying low for the remainder of the season, Ryan reappeared and again was a person of class. I feel that Ryan is the epitome of what I hope that all Cardinals both past, present and future will portray!

I admire and respect Ryan Franklin and so do all of his teammates!”


Eric summed up his choice by going right to the top:

Tony La Russa would be my choice. It all starts at the top. Being a consummate professional. And having the time of his life from August the 24th on including donning a hearts on fire pendant and a talisman from Carlos Santana himself. To guide a team from 10.5 games out to a World Series victory is beyond reproach. Plus handling all the media crush, the AP contract situation, the Colby Rasmus trade among other things. I know the city will miss Don Tony. He made me smile right up to the last out of the World Series. Wish him the best and I’m thankful we had the right skipper for the red draped ship.


***And now for my quick official unofficial review of The 2011 World Series Highlight Film:

This DVD absolutely surpassed my expectations.  So much more than just a rewatching of the series, this DVD combines those lovely behind-the-scenes videos and interviews that make us smile while perfectly complementing the theatrical narrative of our Cardinals’ incredible journey to the 2011 World Championship.  Close-ups of the boys, player interviews (including multiple moments of insight from our darling MVP, David Freese), new video angles and footage I’d never seen from the televised coverage of the World Series – all pleasant surprises.  Even though I knew how the story went (oh, don’t you LOVE happy endings?!?) I was on the edge of my seat, cheering and reliving the ups and downs as the Cardinals (again) ba

ttled through 7 hard-fought games against the Texas Rangers.   My son may or may not have rolled his eyes at one point, saying “Mom, this has already happened, you know…”

Okay.  Honestly?  The 2011 World Series Highlight Film DVD set is phenomenal.

Buy it for your Dad, uncle, cousin, grandpa, sister… whomever you know that loves the Cardinals.

Then go and watch it with them.  Win/win!

…or you could just go buy it for yourself. Consider it your little way of lightening Santa’s load.  He’ll have more room in his sleigh.  You’re so thoughtful!

And when you settle in for some December DVD baseball magic, try not to cheer out loud when Freezer hits that walk-off homerun (again).  I dare ya!  😉

Didn’t win?  Didn’t enter our other “Guess the Pujols Presser Date” contest?

It’s okay.  You can buy it HERE:



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